Domestic Violence Help: Anger Management Classes

Domestic violence is a serious offense that could land you in a lot of trouble if you are convicted of the charge. Domestic violence occurs between a spouse or two members of the same family and is assault, sexual battery, stalking, and similar accounts. If you are convicted of the charge of domestic violence, expect several consequences to be ordered including court ordered domestic violence classes.

These classes usually deal with anger, which is oftentimes the cause of domestic violence. The classes teach the offender how to better handle anger and their emotions so the same situation doesn’t occur in the future. The court decides how long you should take the classes and the number of classes you need to take. If you fail to complete the required classes, you may be placed in jail.

Domestic violence classes are taught in person and online. As you might suspect, most people choose to take the classes online because it is so much easier to take the classes on a computer than it is to go to a class in a specific location at a certain time. The costs for classes online and in person are the same, so it is really your decision to decide which option is best for your needs.

Although this is only one of the consequences that you face with a domestic violence conviction, it is important that you complete the classes as ordered by the courts for several different reasons. If you do not complete the classes in their entirety as court ordered, you are in contempt of court, and you could land back in jail. Additionally, the classes help prevent such instances in the future, protecting everyone at the same time.