Facts About Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested and charged with committing a crime, the judge will likely provide you with a bond amount. You can post the bond amount, in full, to get a release from jail. A secondary option is using the services provided from a Beaver County bail bonds company.

Using a bail bond company allows you to get out of jail by paying 10% of the bond amount plus a small bondsman fee. For example, if the judge sets a bond $10,000, you need to pay this amount when posting a full bond, or just $1,000 (plus fees) when using a bondsman services.

The crime you’ve been charged with is irrelevant when you need a bond, except in a few circumstances. For example, if you are charged with Failure to Appear (FTA) finding a bondsman to entrust you enough to get you out of jail is difficult in many cases.

Upon signing a bond, you agree to appear in court on the date and time indicated. If you fail to appear at the appointed time, the bondsman will revoke the bond and you will be arrested. If someone signed the bond for you, they are also at risk if you fail to appear as promised.

Although cash is preferred for bonds, alternatives might be available if you do not have the cash or have only a partial amount. You might be able to post a bond using items of value as surety. Some people use electronics, others use jewelry, and for larger bonds, many people post the deeds to their homes or property.

Did we mention there is also a third option when you’ve been arrested? You can sit behind bars, awaiting your time to go to court. This can take weeks, months, or even years in some cases. You want a bond and you need a bondsman to make thins easier.

Steps to Take After Suffering a Personal Injury

It could happen to anyone of us at any time in our life. We are minding our business and all of a sudden we are injured due to the negligence of someone else. If you are living in Atlanta and sustained an injury you need to find the best personal injury lawyer Atlanta has available.  There may be a limit on how much time you have to file a claim for compensation so you have to start looking for a personal injury attorney right now!

Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

  • Does the lawyer work exclusively on personal injury cases? Technically speaking a lawyer would be able to work on any type of case but you want to focus on the attorneys who do nothing but personal injury cases so they are current on the latest case law.
  • Does the attorney work on retainer or contingency model? Since you are injured you may be unable to work and earn an income. While most lawyers use a retainer model when practicing law the more successful personal injury attorneys work on contingency. This means the lawyer will only receive payment if they can help you secure a cash settlement but those terms are spelled out in the retainer agreement. If the lawyer is not willing to work on contingency they may not be the most suitable choice.

After you have reviewed these items you should engage the services of the lawyer right away. Something you should not do is sign any settlements being offered by insurance companies representing the individuals that injured you. These insurers want to reduce their risks by offering the least amount of money they think a victim will accept. By having your personal injury lawyer review the settlement you will know whether it is a fair offer. You never asked to be hurt but you owe it to yourself and your family to seek out legal help and assert your rights.